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Author Gravity is a start-up publishing and author marketing services company. It was established on February 27, 2017 when the company's founder filed an Assumed Name Certificate, better known as a DBA with his local county clerk's office, but its origin started well before that date. In 2015, the company's founder was in the process of writing his first novel when he developed his original idea for the company. He envisioned a company focused on publishing his own books, which also provided marketing services for other authors. He believed that a cooperative approach to marketing could reduce the costs associated with marketing a book for self-published or independent authors while also increasing the likelihood of success.

In the years leading up to writing his first novel, the company's founder had spent much of his spare time studying Internet marketing techniques while dabbling in web design. He had recorded the first episodes for a podcast that he never released because he didn't believe the show had the focus needed to find success, but what he had learned during that experience convinced him that podcasting could be an important part of a marketing strategy for any online business if a narrow niche was identified for the subject matter of the show. During the process of writing his first novel, he became a fan of many of the podcasts focused on the indie author niche, but noticed that very few shows provided real value to the author guests in terms of reaching their readers.

The majority of indie author podcasts were focused on the craft of writing or the business skills associated with successfully self-publishing a book or more often a series of books. When he noticed this deficiency, our founder decided that he wanted to create a show with a focus on the two separate parts of the indie author audience. He wanted to create a show that would attract readers by engaging in discussions about guest author's individual works while providing an author's readers with a peek behind the curtains for their daily lives, but he also wanted to create a show that would strengthen other authors by tapping into the well of knowledge and insights that author guests had learned during the course of their careers. To best serve these two audiences, each interview would be broken into two shows, with the show from the first part of the interview addressing readers, and the show from the second part of the interview addressing authors.

Our founder developed the name for the company when he was thinking about forces that might describe what he wanted the company to do. He knew that he wanted to attract readers, but he also wanted to strengthen authors. While a magnet would have the attractive force, it wouldn't strengthen people in the same way that gravity can, as soon as the word gravity entered his mind, he knew that he had found the right name for the company with Author Gravity.

He initially purchased the domain name AuthorGravity.com on November 30, 2015. He completed the first draft of his first novel on December 31, 2015, but he didn't spend any time working on his writing or the business idea in 2016. After he finished the rough draft of his first novel he put it in a drawer. He forgot to renew the domain name at the end of 2016, and was distraught when he discovered the failure at the start of 2017 when he began to write again. In January of 2017, our founder started the year with a goal to consistently begin writing in 2017, publish his first book, and create a website that allowed him to build his author platform. When he discovered that AuthorGravity.com had been unavailable, he abandoned the plans he had for the site. In late February when he noticed that the domain name became available again, his ideas for the company jumped to the top of his priorities list. He was thankfully able to reacquire the domain name on February 27, 2017 after he filed the DBA which established the company.

During March of 2017 and early April 2017, our founder built his personal author website, JLBarlow.com and published his first book under the Author Gravity imprint, a collection of short stories entitled PULP SHORTS: Vol 1.